1. Really craving these jumbo monster cookies.

2. I tried the new chocolate cream cold brew and I loooovvvee it.

3. Making friends as an adult is weird.

4. Aerogarden update: I’m obsessed but now it really is out of control. Ha! Like I think I can have a huge handful of herbs just about every single day.

5. Speaking of, I still haven’t planted my outdoor herbs! We had weeks of horrific weather so I’m hoping to do it this week. Someone tell me how to get the best out o my basil please.

6. TV things!! Okay, This Is Us – killing me! That episode just broke me at the end. We finished Ozark and I was just like… is that all there is? Up there with a few of the worst endings (a non ending!) I’ve even seen.

7. 10 things to do on sunday for the week ahead. Love this but also want to do… nothing… on sundays.

8. One week until my summer reading list launches! Right now I’m reading Book Lovers. What are you reading?