tuesday things

1. Chive blossoms make the best summer centerpieces.

2. Dying to try these homemade sour strawberry gummies!

3. Speaking of, I love strawberry picking season. Last year we went when Jordan was 6 days old and I stayed with him in the car while the kids picked. I can’t wait to go this year. Nothing like a fresh strawberry.

4. I adore Merritt’s capsule wardrobes and her summer one is so good.

5. My love of pesto knows no bounds. I planted 15 basil plants and oh yes I am serious.

6. TV things. That Grey’s finale. I don’t get it, I didn’t love it, it seemed like a series finale! I’m the biggest fair weather fan. I like to watch it for the comfortable predictability as background noise, but this ending was odd.

7. Why the fleeting things in life give us so much joy. My heart!

8. Anyone else feel like this year is moving at the speed of light?