I can’t believe my baby is ONE today!

Today is the day, Jordan is officially one year old. FASTEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!

We had such a lovely week! Here’s how it went.

Perfectly delicious bathtime baby.

A batch of my favorite egg salad.

I made my house salad three times last week. That’s how much we love it!

Foggy early morning to head to the dentist.

My kids weirdly love the dentist.

This was in my tire. Whompwhomp.

My mom and I saw Jersey Boys. I mean, do you guys remember over 10 years ago when I saw it for the first time and talked about it for a year nonstop? While there, I realized that Emilia would probably love the soundtrack. I put it on for her the next morning and she is now obsessed.

Caramelizing some onions for my dip.

I also grilled some zucchini because I made Elin Hilderbrand’s grilled zucchini dip. It’s so good – she posted it a few years ago on IG. You grill 3 or 4 strips of zucchini, then blend them. Add in 1/2 cup sour cream, juice of 1 lime, 1/2 cup mint and lots of salt and pepper. Make it the day before – it gets better as it sits.

My lovebug.

I used a loose theme of “wild one” for Jordan’s birthday – party and event planning is not my forte. But I loved this balloon garland and making them is something I love to do.

Max loves to help too!

Jordan ate a soft pretzel at Max’s baseball game… I was wearing him in the carrier and he was losing.it. Like screaming and crying for the first time ever in the carrier. I thought maybe he wanted my dad, who was in his line of vision. Um, no. He wanted his soft pretzel. Double fisting.

I love watching him!!!

My baby.

His cake!! His little smash cake matched it.

And these amazing cookies, omg. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and want cookies (they taste incredible too!) – reach out to Micah. She is so insanely talented.

The zucchini dip!

Jordan’s party was so fun!

Snow cones for everyone. Except Jordan who didn’t want something that cold… haha.

Max played hockey outside the entire day. I have never seen him play outside for so long.

We got our actual feast from feast on brilliant.


Then it was cake time!!

He loved it.

I still can’t believe he is one. I know it sounds so cliche. Yesterday was harder for me than today, his actual birthday. Something about it being one year that he has officially been with us – today I wasn’t as emotional! Yesterday all I could think of was the anticipation and what I was doing at each moment I looked at the clock exactly one year ago.

I feel like this year was the most intentional we’ve ever lived. It went by so fast but it’s like I remember every single moment. His first birthday represents out first year together as a family of five!

Funfetti for the win.

Morning after. Here we are.

So proud of her makeup.

Birthday PJS!!

She makes him laugh so hard.


We tried for his one year pic and this is the best we got!

Then we went to Max’s last regular season baseball game!

Ate all the snacks and enjoyed our little sunday!

And now, we’re ONE!