tuesday things

1. I need a perfect at-home cold brew/iced coffee for the summer. Do you have a favorite? I know I can make it at home, and I love my homemade syrups – but I need a great cold brew or coffee I can grab out of the fridge on busy mornings.

2. Reeeeeally want to try these watermelon coconut smoothies.

3. Guys sometimes when I need to look up directions… I still type in mapquest and search. How old does that make me!

4. It’s our first official week of summer and I am living for it. We’re eating every meal outside. So many popsicles in the fridge.

5. Speaking of, here’s 26 ways to really soak in the summer.

6. TV things!! I need something new to watch. I still need to watch Severance and also want to start Hacks 2. I also accidentally caught the movie Old on HBO which was so weird but I couldn’t stop watching. And I hate anything scary.

7. How to shift your mindset to deal with overwhelm. Printing this out!

8. Yesterday Max asked alexa “truth or dare” and it dared him to eat a tablespoon of flour. I just about lost it. Time to throw alexa in the trash!