This week!!

We had such a wonderful one. My cousin got married this weekend and it was such a great time!

These two cuddlebugs early in the week…

Just eating our toes over here.

Crumbl s’mores cookie. Gah!

My neon bed-head girl.

Beep beep!

Jordan LOVED the peach truck peaches.

Then we were off to Columbus for my cousin Chris’s wedding.

They are now obsessed with hotels.

Him too.

Do you think she loves her big bro?

How are these little humans mine?

Again with the pose! Now the crossed feet! I can’t handle it.

Rehearsal dinner was so fun.

First time trying a shirley temple!

They haven’t had soda before and don’t love carbonated water but they did like this. It was so cute!

My favorite thing is laying in bed with them on weekend mornings.

We got the breakfast sandwich at northstar cafe.

Then it was time to head to the wedding!

I think I will forever remember him in this moment at this age.

Everything was so lovely!

Emilia and baby Cooper ran circles around each other.


Still the sweetest.

Brunch this morning.

Cousin love.

The cutest bunch.

Jordy and the groom!

Home and back to the routine!