tuesday things

1. I panicked on the way to our weekend trip that I forgot my sunglasses. Only to realize that they were ON MY FACE.

2. Definitely trying this strawberry cheesecake granola bowl.

3. There is a constant stream of story in my head – all the time. Eddie does not have it in his head. Do you?!

4. I tried the pineapple refresher drink thing and not only does it look like there is popcorn floating in the drink (I think it’s dried pineapple?), it tastes like the craziest fakest pineapple I’ve ever tasted. I wanted to love it.

5. Yesterday when I shared my crab dip on instagram, I called it crap dip. And I didn’t even realize it for hours. And when I posted it, many of you said you didn’t notice either. The internet has truly ruined us!

6. I know everywhere is wild with prime day. But it reminded me of my amazon shop which is actually very helpful (like, helpful to me, myself) because it has my book lists, baby and kid favorite, school, home, kitchen favorites, etc. Prime day faves are right here.

7. TV things! Thought about watching the Girl In The Picture on Netflix but I loathe all things scary and terrifying so… it’s a nope for me. I did watch Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between. Cute.

8. Tackling a mountain of tasks. I love these tips.

9. How old do you really feel? I think I still feel 27 at the oldest.