tuesday things

1. I say it every year but the excitement I get over seeing school supplies is insane. Like how was that so ingrained in me?

2. Still live for a notebook and pen though. Over digital all day!

3. So intrigued by this black cocoa ice cream. Looks amazing.

4. Have you ever had a shower curtain collapse on you mid-shower? This happened to me on vacation this week and I just about had a heart attack.

5. The power of self actualization.

6. Life just works better when the first day of the month starts on a Monday.

7. TV things! I finished Virgin River and loved it so much. I didn’t love season three but did like this season so much more. Thought the ending was crazy considering it’s such a major plot point of the show.

8. Getting to the heart of impulse shopping! So good.

9. If you use an academic year planner, which one did you get for this season?!