tuesday things

1. Look at this savory breakfast bundt cake!

2. The kids and I went and got their school supplies this weekend and as we were doing so, I realized that for the ENTIRE SUMMER I had the wrong grade list printed off for Max. Thank goodness he can read – he’s the one who caught it! I had him a whole year behind, as if this year just never happened.

3. 100 of the best lunchbox recipes! I love this, even if I’m not packing a lunch.

4. Are you over slow cooker recipes or still into them? And not in exchange for the instant pot (I still can’t do it), just in general.

5. TV things!! Out of a lack of nothing to watch, I turned on FBoy Island last night. I hate myself for watching it but also couldn’t turn my head away. Whyyyyy.

6. How to fight off decision fatigue.

7. One of my mindless hobbies is basically looking for matching outfits for my kids. Maaaay have already looked for Halloween, Christmas, etc.

8. The fall is my favorite part of the year, it feels like a giant reset! Were we just conditioned to feel this way? I like it more than January.