tuesday things

1. I could make an entire dinner out of tomatoes, olive oil, salt and vinegar right now.

2. Totally making these no bake cookie dough bites!

3. Hard to believe we are four months from 2023. Like what? Have you seen the meme that says we’re close to 2023 but still processing 2019? Ummm yes.

4. Oh my gosh I love this list of 5 minute tasks to make better use of your time.

5. Max is obsessed with all things maps – world and US geography, states, countries, etc. All I want to do is get him world map wall paper, haha.

6. TV things! Thinking about starting Never Have I Ever? I haven’t watched any of it yet.

7. Help. I need to the best way to clean your oven doors! I’ve tried the whole baking soda thing. I’ve left it on for a looooong time. It is not working. I am a mess.

8. The origin of the pumpkin spice latte. I am very ready for some pumpkin cream cold brew.