tuesday things

1. Have you heard of the snacklebox? Google it. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a tackle box… but I’m looking at it as charcuterie caboodles!! Caboodles were my life.

2. I have such an urge to make cookie monster cookies.

3. The only pumpkin coffee I do these days is a pumpkin cream cold brew… but I discovered dunkin’ pumpkin muchkin creamed at Target and now my life is over.

4. What to do when you feel drained.

5. TV things!! We watched The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist, The Woodstock ’99 thing and the Shania doc. Crazy! Also want to watch Look Both Ways.

6. 60 fast lunch ideas. I’m into it.

7. You know how out tastes change over time? I’m assuming that our favorite scents do too, right? Some of the scents I used to love (candles, perfume) I can’t even handle anymore.

8. How to cultivate a relationship that lasts.