We had a good September week!

Also, why is my baby huge?

We’re still very into wearing things on our head. This sheer scarf that came in a lovevery box is his current favorite.

You know I hate messy kid eating photos but this… he eats like this 90% of the time. Feet up.

I was craving a vinegar slaw so I made pulled pork to have a vehicle for it. This is what happens when you recipes constantly all week.

Here’s a sneak peek at my new kitchen window. Eeeep!

I love this little hockey boy.

Demanded a bike helmet like his siblings.

This burrata thing was not impressive. The roasted red peppers were the best part.

“Organizing.” Every parents nightmare. P.S. the box is already an organizer.

In a weird turn events, school was cancelled for half the week due to an issue with the water line! It kind of gave me 2020 vibes except back then, I only had one kid in preschool so we weren’t as affected as others.

Oh! Emilia also started some skating lessons this week with her BFF! I had no idea how she would do. Max got on skates at 2! She is 4 and this was her first time on the ice. She did so well.

Bath time baby.

We took the kids over to the new house for a bit and they were verrrry excited to see it. Also please note Emilia’s different colored shoes.

She said “take a picture of me upside down mama.”

Gymnastics girl. She is loving it.

Her form is so naturally good, I don’t even know how!

Very into talking to everyone at the tables around us at lunch.

His favorite hobby!

Have a lovely new week!