I love September.

Halloween PJ season is here!

We had a busy week. I can’t believe how busy the weeks get once kids are in school and activities. It’s kind of new since the last 2-3 years weren’t normal and before that, Max was in preschool.

School line fun.

Tuesday was Eddie’s birthday, so on Monday afternoon the kids made him a cake.

An oreo cake!

They were super proud of it!

So many pretty sunsets last week.

Look at this fun hair for gymnastics!

My little old man.

Worst picture ever but I made Eddie his favorite chicken pot pie for his birthday!

Max was so hungry after hockey though that he scarfed pizza in the parking lot.

Emilia’s doing some learn-to-skate lessons and can we just agree that this is the best outfit ever.

Then we came home and sang happy birthday!

Wednesday morning Emilia spied the most gorgeous rainbow out the window as we were driving to school.

So gorgeous!

The rest of the day looked like this though.

A peek at the kids’ cake!

These pink pumpkins are my favorite color palette for fall.

This cocktail had a campari ice cube. It was so good.

I love how much she loves color.

Super proud of this friendship bracelet she made in school.

She went with Eddie to grab more pumpkins and she’s the best helper.

Max’s new hockey season has started!

Meanwhile the third child is eating plastic tubs of cream cheese in Trader Joe’s…

And still enjoys eating like this.

Eddie’s front yard decor!

This morning Emilia set up a “movie theater” in the foyer. She even put popcorn in that paper cup.

My heart might explode.

Then these two went to the baseball game with Eddie! They’ve had tickets forever and the game kept getting rained out… today almost did too.

But they made it and it brightened up mid-day!

Game balls!

Into a new week we go…