tuesday things

1. Want to make this overnight pumpkin butter!

2. I’ve mentioned before how Max is obsessed with geography and maps and everything. His newest thing is asking people where all they’ve been and about 20 times a day he’s like “mama, you’ve never been to new zealand? that’s embarrassing. mama, have you even been to alaska yet?!” It’s great, let me tell you.

3. Love Dr Becky and seeing how she gets it done.

4. I hate that instagram has made me want to try athletic greens. Have you tried it? For years I really loved the amazing grass green superfood in smoothies.

5. One of our favorite things to do each fall is take a drive and looks at fall foliage. Seems boring but it’s the best. Here are the best places to see the leaves change.

6. TV things! Hmm, okay I watched the next Tell Me Lies. I like it, just think it’s crazy.

7. How to build a stronger relationship with yourself.

8. Today’s Eddie’s birthday! The kids made him a cake yesterday and I dropped fresh garlic in the batter so let’s just hope I got it all out or tonight will be an interesting experience when we cut into it.