tuesday things

1. I bought the mums above this weekend and they are the “pink pineapple paradise” variety. Um, has there ever been a better name?!

2. The most gorgeous bloody mary board I’ve ever seen.

3. Oh and thoughts on butter boards? At first I thought they were pretty but now I just keep thinking of all the greasy butter all over the board, the sharing of the butter, the crumbs, etc. Yesterday I saw a cream cheese board. I mean…

4. And do we need another pumpkin bread recipe? I want to share one buuuut there are about five billion out there. Hint: mine involves cinnamon sugar!

5. Guys sometimes I look back at my old photos and just laugh hysterically. Like 13 years ago when I’d photograph my recipes outside in the grass on a diagonal. Who knew!

6. The benefits of tracking your habits. I love this.

7. TV Things!! I watched Do Revenge and it’s like a mix of Clueless and Mean Girls and sort of terrible but also mind numbing light TV. Let me know if you watched! I also really want to see Don’t Worry Darling after all the drama everywhere.

8. Also, oh my gosh, have you seen previews for the Whitney movie – I Wanna Dance with Somebody?!”

9. Um, are there dead wasps in our figs? WHAT! I did not know this. Glad they clarified the crunchy bits too.

10. I asked this about three months ago but since they aren’t going away: how do you feel about Reels on IG now?