what i read in august

This was a good reading month! There were some I didn’t LOVE but overall I’m glad I got through these all in August. I ended up reading a ton, I also went back and reread a few of my Colleen Hoover, Taylor Jenkins Reid and Emily Henry faves – it’s like comfort reading.

I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

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The Summer Place – 3 stars

Jennifer Weiner is always a go-to read for me every summer and has been for years. This story follows a family wedding happening in Cape Cod. Tons of family drama, confusion, misunderstandings. I love Jennifer’s writing so much but this story was a little outlandish for me. It was still a good read, but the entire time I was like “no this isn’t possible” and “this is not happening” – ha!! Parts were slightly frustrating but I still enjoyed the overall story and ending.

It Happened One Summer – 2.5 stars

Oh man, I am really on the fence about this one. It has such great reviews but it missed the mark a bit for me. The story follows Piper, a socialite who ends up being sent to a small town that her father was from. She is sent by her stepfather after she throws a massive party, her sister tags alone, and it is a cute story about how they will survive in this little town. It is a romance, but the romance scenes are what I just couldn’t grip. It almost seemed like the two characters turned into different people during the scenes – it was very graphic and cheesy and cringy – like it almost reminded me of scenes from that movie The House Bunny. Ha! Overall a cute story, but the romance scenes lost me.

Hook Line and Sinker – 3.5 stars

This is actually book #2 from the one above and I enjoyed it more! This story follows Piper’s sister from the book above. I thought it was a little deeper and I did enjoy it – the sex scenes were no where near as cheesy. I liked the storyline for both and generally found it interesting – it’s about alaskan kind crab fisherman, so I found myself googling about that at like 3am after reading. This also has so many tropes I enjoy – friends to lovers, etc. I loved both of these characters more than the main ones in the first book.

The Last Housewife  – 4 stars

I read this after listening to the author on the bad on paper podcast. The story follows a girl who ends up revisiting a (very!) traumatic past and dealing with the fall out from it. There are tons of trigger warnings for this and a lot of the book is suspenseful but disturbing. It’s not usually the kind of read I enjoy but the writing it SO GOOD and I actually liked it. I just couldn’t read it in the dark… for real.

Summer Love – 4 stars

We know I live for a Nantucket novel! This story follows four strangers who rent basement rooms in a hotel and start a friendship – then reunite 25 years later at the same hotel. I got hooked early on and read this quickly, it was a great summer book. Highly suggest if you’re a Nantucket lover and still in beach/summer mode for a few more weeks.