We had a festive week!

We’re living up October as much as we can.

This is our favorite tree that we see everyday on the way to school. I took a picture of it everyday! We have had the most gorgeous skies and sunsets!

Little bubs waiting on his bro and sis and the hockey rink.

Max lives for hockey rink pizza.

This is what the sky looked like when we came out!

Who needs toys when you have pomegranates?

Here it is again!

Um, he looks like a literal bug. I can’t handle him.

My mom and my season tickets for the broadway series shows started back up this week! We saw Frozen.

First we stopped at meat and potatoes.

Had caesar salad and fries which is one of the most delicious combos ever.

And this coconut cake!

The show was so cute. I’m taking Max and Emilia next week. They will freak over the Sven!

A new day, the same tree.

Emilia loves doing puzzles with grandma.

My little monster.

Solo cups also take the place of toys over here.

This was a sunset.

Then the next morning!

And our tree! Okay, this is getting old. I’m done.

Dressing my kids is my favorite thing to do.

Obsessed with each other.

First BFFs.

And the last one!

Yes, Jordan is wearing Jordan.

Baby on a pumpkin.


But don’t worry this is real life.

Very happy once he got a pretzel.

I love them.

Emilia’s solution for cold hands. When the sun wasn’t out, it was soooo chilly.

My perfect fall day!

Can’t leave without apple cider donuts.

Also made a pumpkin beer at some point this week.

Scenes on a sunday drive today.

God I love this season!

Love love love.

Have a wonderful week!