tuesday things

1. I need to make this pumpkin tres leches!

2. Pre-2020 (and pre-kids) I loved getting my hair done – I didn’t mind if it took three hours or so for highlights. Now it’s last way I want to spend my time. To have a few free hours – I’d rather do something more relaxing or productive, etc. What has changed for you since 2020?!

3. Also on the list but we’ve talked about it before: online grocery ordering!! Yes I get the wrong items sometimes and occasionally the produce is sub par but it has changed my life time-wise.

4. Love these tips for decluttering the kitchen.

5. What are you reading right now? I just started scandalized.

6. TV things! I watched Luckiest Girl Alive. I can’t remember if I read the book?! While I didn’t love the movie, I thought Mila Kunis was amazing in it. Oh and I did watch Grey’s Anatomy! Meh. Seemed like they are trying to introduce a ton of new characters.

7. On setting healthy boundaries. I absolutely LOVE this. Some boundary setting has done wonders for me the last few years.

8. I just heard that dill pickle soup is a thing and OMG I have to look into this.