We had a big busy week and loved it!

First up, one last Halloween painting.

Max won the “guess how many candy corn are in the jar” game at his Halloween party.

Then it was time for trick-or-treat!

A ninja, a unicorn fairy and a baby dino.

Why are they so big?!

Also remember when Emilia wore this costume?!

I made a chili bar per us. And we were all Halloween-hungover on Tuesday!

Last gymnastics class as a four year old.

Playing in the morning fog.

It’s been so dark and foggy this week!

Baby girl waiting in the school line.

Max working on his star-of-the-week poster.

Tell me that this is your third kid? When your mother gives him cinnamon toast crunch at her house.

Curly baby mullet!

Fresh art supplies. Emilia opened this gift early and loved it.

Pure joy at the park!

Her puppycorn gift from her little BFF.

After Emilia went to bed Thursday night, Eddie, Max and I prepped for her birthday morning! Max wrote her this note and let me just tell you that chicken wings written backwards is a term of endearment.

New bike for our baby!

She is the happiest most wonderful girl ever.

Caboodles for the win!

Jordy was very into the unicorn balloons. Eddie found them at party city!

Balloon garland heaven.

And her cake for her party! She said she wanted a “unicorn and rainbows cake.” OKAY THEN!

Sparkles for the unicorn queen.

I wish everyone knew her and knew what a fun, happy, hilarious girl she is!

Okay, last one!

Oh and her cookies! From micah made cookies.

The rest of the weekend was packed too!

Neon pink details because we went out to eat for my birthday, which is tomorrow.

We went to the new Del Friscos downtown and it was so good. I got this ridiculous cocktail with gold leaf.

Crispy fried lobster app!

This caviar french toast was INSANE. It had a champagne caramel. Absolutely amazing.

We also got steaks, tons of sides and dessert. It was all so good.

Makeup mornings with my new five year old!

How is she so big?!

Finished the weekend with this cake that Lacy got me. How gorgeous?!