tuesday things

1. Obsessed with these pumpkin donut waffles.

2. Today is officially starting my holiday/christmas season. I’m blasting all the music, we’re watching all the movies. I love doing this because I feel like we get the most enjoyment out of the season. I aim to be done with everything decor/wrapping wise by December 1 so I can just enjoy the season between work and the kids!

3. But of COURSE today kicks off my annual Thanksgiving series too. If you haven’t made the best stuffing ever yet, add it to your list this year.

4. It’s also officially the day where I beg Eddie to get rid of every piece of spooky decor by 5am. Goodbye Halloween!

5. What candy are your stealing out of the Halloween bowl? For me, it would always be snickers. Maybe caramello bars, but haven’t had one in a million years.

6. 10 easy ways to practice gratitude.

7. TV things… the end of Tell Me Lies – like what?! So many questions, I do not get it. I want to watch the whole thing over again.

8. How to simplify when you’re overwhelmed. Story of my life!

9. From last year, but I love these 61 days of festive activities!