tuesday things

1. This chocolate pumpkin pie is the best of both worlds. I want it.

2. I’m currently off of regular coffee – caffeine (sometimes it makes me too anxious and I need a break) but I still really want something that will pep me up a little in the mornings. And not matcha. Help!

3. Really could not laughed harder at this piece about IG reels.

4. I’d love to lean into the darkness of winter but, I mean, how is it getting dark at 4pm. Whyyyy does it feel so new every November? Ha.

5. TV things!! Yellowstone!! Cue all my exclamation points. So glad it’s back. I thought the premier was so good, albeit heartbreaking. I also watched all of Love is Blind 3. What a wild ride.

6. Yesterday I finished Matthew Perry’s new memoir. WOW. All the feels. I listened to it because he narrates it. I couldn’t stop listening.

7. Why what we want tells us who we are.

8. Current favorite podcast? Share! I need some new ones.