Today my first baby turns eight!

How on earth is this possible?! Wasn’t he JUST BORN?!

Anyway… this is what our week looked like.

A little chilly but sunny enough for the park.

And a picnic!

This boy. I live for him.

Made my smoked salmon tart.

Swinging in December!

Love our advent evenings.

St Nicholas left coins in our shoes overnight!

Love this tradition.

The rest of the week was so dark and gloomy!

We have all sorts of spirit days at school until Christmas. This was western day. She said she looked like a cowgirl from “Lellowstone.”

Elf shenanigans.

Their fave part.

How funny is this boy?

Loves to put on his siblings’s shoes.

Simmer pot everyday!

So proud of all her artwork! I love it.

But then… Max got sick. It was the worst! He started feeling sick on Wednesday. I thought he seemed okay on Thursday but that night he got a fever. I was worried it was the flu. Everything came back negative except for strep. Our first time dealing with strep throat.

We had such a huge weekend planned for him! A friend party, his family party. We’d already picked up the cake. We cancelled everything but thankfully after a few doses of antibiotics he felt great and our parents came to sing happy birthday.

We made sure to only blow on a cupcake… haha.

And his other front tooth was just hanging there.

So he pulled it out! Lost a tooth the night before his birthday, in birthday PJs! This made me so emotional. Like losing his baby teeth and he is not a baby anymore.

The elf wrote on our mirror for Max this morning. He does this every year.

And we had a nice little day at home! I can’t believe he is eight.

He’s the best.

I found this picture on my phone that Emilia took of herself.

Today, she and I tried to build this gingerbread house… LOL. In our defense, it was broken when we opened it.

She wanted me to take a picture of her unicorn shirt.

We tried to move on to another gingerbread house. This is not my strong suit.

Max on the other hand built a gingerbread tree house!

Much better than mine.

I can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks.

I feel so insanely lucky to have this wonderful little loves.

They are my most favorite thing on earth.

So thankful for them!