1. Oh my gosh: magic in the middle cookies.

2. I wrapped almost all the things yesterday! Today I feel like I ran a marathon so… must be getting old. I ordered coordinating wrapping paper this year from Zazzle and I LOVE IT.

3. The pantone color of the year was released for 2023… I love it.

4. I’ve mentioned before how Max is obsessed with geography (and maps, the world in general, etc). Somehow he and I found Cecilia Blomdahl’s youtube channel and we have had so much fun watching her videos. She lives on an island near the north pole and it’s so fascinating watching her life!

5. TV things!! I watched The Noal Diaries and thought it was so cute. Also watched Christmas With You! Both were very Hallmark-ish (which I’m not a fan of) but I liked them a lot. Also… the craziness of Yellowstone. WOW.

6. An ode to morning pages. One of my favorite things.

7. We got the bonne maman advent calendar again this year and it is such a joy opening it each day. So many good jams.

8. I’m starting some of my cookie doughs today – I always do the dough one day and the baking on another (or two, or three days). I make all the doughs and then freeze and refrigerate them based on what I’m baking. It’s so easy this way. Let’s just say my counter holds more butter right now than you can imagine.

9. Happy St Nicholas Day! I filled my kids shoes with chocolate coins this morning, one of my favorite traditions.