It seems kind of funny that week 1 is finishing on Jan 1, but here we are!

Happy new year!!

We had an easy week at home. Lots of lounging, winter sunsets, sickness (will it ever go away?!) and playing with toys.

The lover of peas.

The house salad as always.

Max took a pasta cooking class!!

It was so cute.

Hello favorite new ornament on the tree.

My parents got Emilia this robot dog (because she wants a real one so badly) for Christmas and she loves it.

Style icon.

We went and saw Christmas lights with cousins!!

Jordan is finally feeling better after a week of the worst ear infections.

Emilia helping me make our NYE dinner.

Look at these homemade buttery rolls!!

And the perfect beef tenderloin.

I made homemade croissant croutons after having the ones from Trader Joes.

Kids didn’t make it until midnight though!

Jordy’s favorite place to sit and play.

And we’re off to a new year! I can hardly believe it.