Halfway through January!

We had what felt like our first “regular’ week back and it was an adjustment!

I mean… this baby and his curly mullet.

Still doing things like this and making a huge mess.

The winter sunsets!!

School projects.

Just had to document his curls again.

Max looks so tall here!

So proud to finally figure out how to get on Emilia’s dress up shoes, a week after trying constantly.

Went out with friends for a (very!) belated birthday celebration because when we had it planned two months ago, Max threw up on me a few seconds before I walked out the door. Mom life!

Max has a hockey tournament all weekend.

Emilia started basketball! She was SO excited after sitting and watching Max play since she was… born.

Jordan took over her job of eating all the snacks during her practice. Don’t worry, he was actually thrilled.

Then it was off to one of Max’s games! Baby Cooper (not so baby anymore) came too. Cheering cousins!

A lot of you ask me if Max likes to match the kids and as long as Jordan is involved, he is obsessed with matching. He wants to match everyday.

My boys!

Post hockey pizza.

Jordan was very into the fries.

At one point I looked over this weekend and he was fully inside of my boots.

Back for more!

Just the cutest.

And we’re ready for a new week!