1. I get so sad taking down the holiday decor. I would love to keep it up for most of January but it seems like we’re off to the races once school starts again and it’s hard to find the time.

2. Standing over the sink with a snack has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

3. I need to make this layered baked spaghetti.

4. Cannot get enough grapefruit right now.

5. Speaking of, since the kids have been home for over two weeks now… I cannot even believe how much they are eating and asking for snacks. It’s wild!

6. Love this: the difference between being and doing.

7. TV things!! That Yellowstone finale made me nervous. I found a West Wing marathon over the holiday weekend and enjoyed it so much. Now I need something new to start.

8. Is this the sign of being a parent? I took the top off my le creuset dutch oven to cook the other day and found a gift inside that I must have stashed when the kids were around. Totally forgot about it.

9. New year, new planner! What planner are you using this year?