Here’s a peek into our week!

We got a little surprise snow! The kids LOVED it.

This resulted in a surprise two hour delay which called for cinnamon rolls. I had two containers of the TJs rolls that were going to expire in a week… perfect timing. Don’t worry, we shared.

LOVES the snow.

Cinnamon rolls on paper plates, milk and geography books for breakfast.

The winter sunrises though!

We had a fun, full week at school.

With fun hair.

Morning BFFs.

And then it all turned to ice.

A batch of crispy chicken cutlets… everyone’s fave.

Haircuts all around.

Jordan got to run errands at school a few days too.

I walked into the family room at my mom’s and this is how Max and Emilia were watching TV.

And this week, Emilia got her ears pierced!!! We had so much fun. I went first and got another (… second and third) hole. I told Eddie it’s my mid life crisis.

Then she went. Not a tear was shed. She has been asking for a while to get them pierced. It was so fun.

Friday we had a school fun day out at a trampoline park. Kids had a blast.

Jordan is obsessed with cheese-ing.

Gotta deal with the hair but I just can’t.

Emilia loves doing a french braid on her wet hair after her shower so she can have “mermaid waves” in the morning. This is what they looked like this week!

Still wavy the next day too!

On Saturday night, both Jordan and Max fell asleep early so Eddie, Emilia and I had a popcorn party. It was so fun.

We’re still dressing up in case you wondered!!

Max had two hockey games this weekend and scored in both. Such good goals!

His little celebration kills me.

Cheer squad. That eats all the snacks.

We color too!

Emilia really wanted to do a matching PJ pic tonight but Jordan would have none of it. He just wanted to eat goldfish.

She tried to do funny things to make him laugh.

This girl!

She makes us all laugh so much.