Another week!

Happy super bowl night, happy Valentine’s week! I want to say from the sick household but I mean… a person in this house has been sick since November (it rotates, we just keep passing it back and forth since we love each other so much) and man… we’re over it!

Max started coughing on the way home from his hockey game last weekend. He woke up with a fever and had pneumonia! Lots of breathing treatments and some meds and he is back to normal. He missed most of the school week which was such a bummer but was back to feeling great by Friday.

24/7 cuddles.

The kids made a big box of love for their cousins.

Max and I made my brown butter cookie bars. He was home because his cough was so bad – but he actually felt pretty good after a dose of antibiotics. He rested, we baked and he read books all week.

She made a playdoh unicorn. She is my unicorn.

Got to use up all of our heart outfits this week!


Eddie has taken the kids to monster jam since Max was 2… can you even handle Emilia?!

I mean… LOL!

Back to basketball.

They love it.

Then Max had a hockey game today at Penn State!


They spent the night there so Emilia and I had a girl’s day… (with Jordy in tow. And my mom).

She is in a mini theater class right now and their performance is Tangled. We have never seen any Tangled toys or dolls but she found one and we couldn’t pass it up. We have done lots of hair braiding this weekend!!

Lunch buddy. Will he just have a permanent runny nose? Check yes or no (se).

The best soup. I recreated it!

So here’s what Emilia and I did last night after Jordan went to bed. Makeovers (with blue sparkle eyeshadow), made brownies, baths and ate brownies in robes.

Also we then snuggled in my bed, watched two movies and talked.

Don’t worry, Eddie and Max had an equally amazing time.

He loved it.

Today I made the crazy viral sub/grinder from tiktok for the super bowl.

I actually make this lettuce salad often for sandwiches! It’s shredded lettuce, red wine vinegar, oregano, a touch of mayo, sliced pepperoncinis, all tossed together. It’s SO good.

Eddie and I both are not huge fans of deli meat, but this sounded so good to us. And it WAS so good. Wowza. Everyone loved it!

Jordan loves to jump off everything. Great.

And we’re ready for a new week!