tuesday things

1. This red wine chocolate cake is so beautiful.

2. My shopping consists of mostly “adding to cart” and then never checking out. Ever.

3. Yesterday Emilia poured herself a cup of milk… took a big sip and then looked at me funny. Turns out, she poured herself a cup of HEAVY CREAM!

4. Speaking of milk, we tried the new oreos. The “most” oreo? None of us cared for it at all. It almost had too much filling or something.

5. Don’t make your bed first thing in the morning.

6. TV things!! I started to watch Shrinking after many of you recommended it last week. We watched the most recent 1923 episode. And please tell me you saw the grammy’s 50 years of hip hop performance!

7. Mastering the art of letting go.

8. Max and I had a 30 minutes conversation about phone books last week, which left him stunned. Me too!