tuesday things

1. Stuffed red velvet cookies!! Yes please.

2. Our main valentine’s day tradition is heart shaped pizza… I’m doing it tonight for sure. I will never get sick of it. And my cabernet latte after!

3. Also made Eddie some rice krispy treats because they are his favorite. Whyyyy are those so addictive? Like you can’t stop.

4. I love these journal prompts for all of 2023.

5. Not embarrassed to say that second grade math is killing me.

6. I love this five things method if I’m feeling overwhelmed by the state of our home.

7. TV things!! I can’t believe You is back! I watched it – was kind of “meh” on it until the end. I also watched Your Place or Mine and loved it and thought it was so super cute.

8. I’m on the search for the perfect structured tote bag. Recommendations please!

9. The best $5 dessert in the freezer aisle. I want to try this.

10. What are you reading this week? I’m reading Good For You which I got as part of amazon kindle early reads. I like it.