We had a big week!!

Hello, this is mini Eddie. Identical.

Park hikes in the sunshine!

Spa day.

He loves dunking his face in the bubbles!

Watching Emilia ice skate… the cutest!

I took this one for a hair cut and he still wants to sit on my lap.

The car wash is the most terrifying place for Jordan.

Cutest climber!

Filling out birthday cards…

And the best big sister at the park.

It was just me, Emilia and Jordan this weekend because Max had an away hockey tournament.

He loves staying in hotels in swimming in the pool.

And spending the morning with Eddie in the gym. Ha!

The reason that we couldn’t go to the hockey tournament is because Emilia was in her first play!

She has been participating in a little mini theater program. I thought it might be fun to try because she LOVES singing… like adores it. Sings all day, all night, everywhere. In front of anyone.

She played Maximus from Tangled! If you know Emilia’s obsession with animals, this was her dream part, haha.

Cutest little babe! The show was two hours long and Jordan was such a dream, the only peep he made was to scream “Emilia!” every time he spotted her on stage. It was hilarious.

Look at this special popsicle bouquet from our amazing nanny! It was the highlight of Emilia’s night.

And Max won ALL his games and got a goal…

So while we waited for them to finish the championship, we baked the boys treats! Emilia picked my brown butter cookie bars.

Pastel m&ms are the best.

And then Max won the tournament championship game!! Woohoo!!

This was the hardest part of this weekend, having to split up for these two big things that the kids were doing. I hate when it’s like this.

My brother and nieces got to seem him win the game though!!

Annnd we finished off the weekend at a birthday party. Ready to SLEEP!