First week of spring in the books!!

Look at these two little besties.

Jordan is not going to know what to do with himself next year when Emilia goes to kindergarten all day!

Learning about geography with his best big bro.

Emilia on a little trip to the library.

Her outfit choices are the best.

Don’t mind us just biking along!

I mean…

There’s my hockey boy!

Couch snuggles for everyone. Max is up top. We do this a few times a week and Jordan joins in.

He loves to cheeeeeese.

Emilia working very hard on a birthday card.

Going to see Max at school!


My mom has started to give him vanilla ice cream which sounds just about right.

And he’s still really in to his sister’s dress up shoes.

Also, the curls!!

I spent this weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday. Hotel monaco halls never disappoint.

Neither does the floral chandelier. Can I put one of these in our new house?!

Max and I finished his first communion prep class.

How is he so big?! xo