tuesday things

1. This lime chiffon pie looks absolutely incredible. Wow.

2. Peanut butter filled chocolate eggs may be the death of me.

3. Stanley Tucci’s pantry really is a dream.

4. You know how much I love color, especially bright colors or gorgeous pastels. I am very tempted to paint our pantry cabinets a COLOR in the new house… but I don’t know what color! I don’t want it to be something I get sick of. But I also want it to be something fun. Like neon orchid. Kidding. But not? All you neutral lovers are probably cringing.

5. Five ways to be less influenced. I love this.

6. TV things!! I finished Daisy Jones and the Six and LOVED it. I loved the ending and really just love Riley Keough so much! She’s incredible. I also finished YOU and thought it was very… meh.

7. 17 easy habits to change your life.

8. Anxiously await tomato toast with a slice of cheddar this summer. I’m also already starting on my summer reading list. I can’t wait to share.

9. The best snacks to buy right now! Do you agree?!