April we are here!

This week started off somber in our house as my grandpa passed away early Monday morning at almost 95 years old.

I got to see him Sunday evening when he was declining – and he knew we were there – then 12 hours later he was gone. It happened rather fast as he had just returned from Florida the week before, but like my dad said, you really can’t be sad with 95 great years. If we have to go… this is the way to go.

If you read these weekly posts, you may remember this photo we took just a few months ago with all of his great grandkids! I’m so glad we got it. Sorry Jordan, haha.

This happened so quickly that it’s still kind of hard to believe he’s gone when I look at these photos. He is the reason we go to my favorite place – he was born there! It’s surreal to think that this was my last living grandparent. Can’t believe I got to have my grandparents as long as I did.

We went about the rest of the week. It started out cold.

But it was nice enough to break out the sand!

Max is the cutest.

I love how adorable the once upon a farm print is for little sleepies! My life is made because they sent me these PJs. They are our favorite ones ever and I buy them constantly!

We had a little easter playdate with friends.

Max and Eddie went to the Pens game with our school. Why does Max look 18 here?!

When you win a free shirt!

And see your team jersey at the arena.

Then the last few days we had my grandpa’s viewing and funeral. We spent a lot of time with family and how cute are these cousins!

We didn’t dress them alike on purpose but they looked like twins! They are only two months apart. Also, Emilia in the background.

The kids were so great the last couple of days with everything going on. Only had a few moments of having to strip down and have snacks.

Our area had some of the high winds this weekend, so while we planned to do our easter egg hunt, it wasn’t possible outside. We ran around and found eggs inside instead!

Cutie cousins!!

We also made ice cream sundaes.

Baby Sebastian is the sweetest, smiliest boy!

The kids just love him. His cheeks are edible.

I mean I can’t even take him.

And we’re headed into Easter week. We’re excited to dye eggs and have fun family time.