Halfway through april!

We’re very excited.

This is a scratch and sniff puzzle from the easter bunny. She loved it.


My favorite thing to see, ever. Max loves reading and it makes me so happy.

The kids got new rain boots this week and Jordan refuses to take them off.

It turned into SUMMER this week!! In the 80s! Nice but I wish we had a real spring.

Ugh then we got hit with a stomach bug. Just Jordan and Emilia and thankfully it was only about 12 hours long.

Perked up by the end of the week for baseball!


He absolutely could not stand that she was out there and he was with me.

Emilia picked this outfit out and I just cannot. Best style ever.

Speaking of style, hello lisa frank PJs.

She helped me fold laundry while Max and Eddie were at baseball.

This weekend we had my niece’s birthday party!

Elsa came and it was so cute. I swear Max was there but I somehow have no photos of him.

Oh, except for this. Does this scream “I’m 8 years old’ or what? He was a little embarrassed and felt “too old” for Elsa, but didn’t want to miss her show. So he watched from UNDER A CHAIR! Hahahaha.

Funfetti for life.

And this boy… oh my.

I never want them to grow up!