tuesday things

1. Dying over this crispy baked feta with lavender honey.

2. Have you tried the balsamic vinegar + seltzer combination that people are making to replace diet coke? I just cannot even fathom trying this.

3. 20 Ina recipes we can’t live without.

4. Max and I watched some of the Ten Commandments this past weekend and he was cracking me up because he couldn’t get over bad the background and technology was. I kept trying to explain that at the time, it was probably incredible technology.

5. TV things!! Loved the end of Shrinking. I’m not watching anything else – give me some recs!

6. My favorite easter candy as a kid? Cadbury cream eggs. I don’t think I could eat one now. Crazy how our tastes change.

7. Oh and olive oil coffee sounds like a nightmare.

8. Have you tried the viral costco peanut butter chocolate cream pie? I bought it just to taste so I can recreate it. It’s happening!

9. I love all of these guided meditations.