tuesday things

1. The blossoms blowing off that tree up there look like snow on our sidewalk!

2. This also means that there are wasps coming into our house and we’ve never been able to find the source and it makes me absolutely insane. I loathe any and all bugs. You will never find me camping. Even glamping would be a stretch!

3. How incredible is this rainbow berry citrus poundcake? Mind = blown.

4. THE BARBIE TRAILER! I cannot. I have watched it so many times and it was even better on the big screen when we went to the movies last week.

5. Ranking the Nancy Meyers kitchens. I agree with #1 of course.

6. TV things!! I tried to watch Up Here but had a hard time getting into it. Did you watch it?! I just started the Night Agent!

7. How to do a successful seasonal clothing swap.

8. In a continuation from last week…  my love & decision of bright paint colors – now I’m considering doing my laundry room and wild green color. Like kiwi! Or retro mint. Sounds good enough to eat.

9. This made me laugh. Your oven mits are disgusting. Because it’s true, mine really are. They are also a million years old.