tuesday things

1. These air fryer tortilla chips looks incredible.

2. Max is so into reading right now and it makes me super happy. Right now he loves the puppy place series and it’s so cute! I’m reading this book that was sent to me by a reader and it is so good!

3. How vodka sauce became a celeb in the kitchen.

4. Jordan will only eat his yogurt pouches if Emilia opens them which is equally adorable and frustrating. He walks around yelling “Emilia!” and shaking them in her face, haha.

5. Three rules to keep the kitchen organized.

6. TV things!! I watched Beef and LOVED it. Also started The Last Thing He Told Me and thought it was super well done so far.

7. And how to stay on top of kitchen clutter.

8. Speaking of, the kitchen at the end of the day with three kids is wild. Last night as I was cleaning up I realized that it looked like someone turned the toasted upside down and dumped it all over the floor… everywhere. So.many.crumbs. I have this little stick vac which helps me keep my sanity.

9. I am obsessed with getting a big picnic basket this year. Do we go on picnics? Not really. But I’d like to start.