We had a lovely week.

May is a crazy month at school and our week had lots of activities.

I really don’t know what he is going to do without Emilia next year during school hours!!

Best buds.

Here’s the cake that they made from last week!!


Hockey stick taping school.

Emilia and I went to finalize some carpet for the new house! Umm she wants all animal print and zip zags. My child.

We had so much baseball this weekend for both kids!

Doesn’t matter what toys you bring, all you need is rocks.

My baby!

Max is at such a fun age to watch.

And Emilia still cheers loud for him like she did when she was two.

Then it was her turn!

Snacks and toys, the whole time.

This girl is my dream.

Max passed out between couch cushions and I couldn’t even find him.

I got to snuggle my baby niece!

I mean… I would like 50 babies please.

Back for more. This time, dirty and sweaty.

Can you see the ball!

How is he this big?!

More rocks. Only rocks.

Oh and dirt.

Jordan loving cereal and milk is the cutest thing.

Eddie also found Max’s old lightning mcqueen hat, and Jordan is now obsessed so he was pumped!

And then Max proceeded to push Jordan around in this container for an hour, while he laughed hysterically. It was so cute. Best boys!