We had such a wonderful week!!

That ended with Max making his first communion yesterday! How is he this big!

My chive blossoms are in full bloom.

Baby in a bathrobe!

Baseball for Max.

Two little buddies who play in the dirt and rocks the entire time.

Baseball for Emilia too.

Max asked if he could help, so he was a base coach and this may be my most favorite picture of life!

I mean!

Peony season forever.

Playing piano at grandma’s.

This outfit!

She loves to take “funny” pictures too.

Browsing the toy aisle in Target together.

Then it was Max’s first communion!

It poured rain the entire day! Also, he is her life. She adores him.

SO glad we had another reason to wear our easter dress!

She (and Jordan) colored for most of the mass – she is so helpful with him.

Max was so nervous, it was adorable.

Annnnd then we celebrated.

Just a little carbcation.

Max was very into reading his new bible.

I think this is the only photo I got of Jordan the entire day! He was running around like a wild man. This is my niece Violet. She is the sweetest!

Then we lounged the rest of the day!

And finished the weekend with lots of baseball and leftovers.