We had a busy week!!

Finishing off today with our annual Memorial Day activities.

Let’s backtrack though! Some playground fun.

My baby.

And big girl.

Max got to participate in the May crowning at school.

We also had fun day/field day at school and the weather was gorgeous!


Max’s current read… hahaha.

Jordan is obsessed with Emilia setting up this “bed” for him to watch a movie.

Baby bringing me flowers at baseball.


Tball is winding down…

There is a lot of playing in the dirt, haha. Pretty sure she’s done with it this year.

Still the cutest.

Why yes, baseball games are also small photoshoots for me.

Still very into makeup.

Said she made blue “tiger stripes.”

Parent teacher conference led by Max!

His self portrait.

I love her art!

Just got a few herbs this year.


Ice cream after the game.

We’ve had the most gorgeous weather all week!

My little turtle in his half shell.

Favorite place is outside.

Not sure why we’re kissing chalk but here we are!

Prepping my grilled vegetable orzo.

He is obsessed with baseball.

Matching summer PJ time!

My whole heart.

More park adventures.

Then it was parade time!

Hi I am eight years old.

Cutest cousins.

The only pic I got of our amazing spread today!

And this perfect plate.

Baby Cooper not so baby anymore!!

Two seconds before he smashed me with this water balloon.

I got them!!

Can you tell we like neon?

Emilia’s “funny picture” request to finish the weekend! xo