1. Dying over these thick peanut butter cookies, OMG.

2. Max asked me last night about “lemon disease.” I was confused, then realized he meant lyme. These kids and what they say!

3. I’ve always been wary of hot coffee machines but now that I am reading that they are used to wash underwear? Um what.

4.  Habit stacks to make the morning easier! I can’t do #4 though.

5. TV things! Still loving The Last Thing He Told Me and Fatal Attraction.

6. Also, my dad and Emilia watched The Wizard of Oz a few weeks ago and now she is sooo into it. We have watched it many many times over the last few weeks.

7. Best kitchen organization rules.

8. What are you reading right now? I just finished Carley Fortune’s newest and it’s almost time for my summer reading list!