tuesday things

1. Years ago I was obsessed with the cherry dip cone at DQ and I just heard that it’s discontinued. I haven’t had one in ages but of course I can’t stop thinking about one now.

2. Okay but this cotton candy ice cream is super fun.

3. Cilantro help! I only got a few herbs this year because we are moving later in the summer. But I’m determined to try and keep my cilantro alive. Give me all the tips please.

4. We are defined by the things we don’t do.

5. TV things. The end of Fatal Attraction was crazy. Also, just watched Succession last night!!

6. What do you clean wrong? I definitely do #1.

7. Also, I NEVER use the self cleaner on my oven – my mom convinced me years ago that it would catch the house on fire so I’ve been terrified to even try it. Do you use yours?

8. Finally, cleaning the kitchen is a workout!

9. Max’s newest obsession is watching Jeopardy. We are having so much fun!