How on earth are we almost halfway through the YEAR!

I will never tire of dressing them up. Thankful for Jordan because Max is still super into it when he can match exactly!

My peonies are still going strong.

This was so adorable. Max “taking notes” on the college world series. I never want to forget it!

Library day! Their fave.

Jordan has brought so much fun into our family.

They play with him so well.

Max finished off the regular baseball season!

This angel baby was such a trooper.

He kept stealing Emilia’s sunglasses. Strangers always call him a girl (the hair!) and this really took it over the top, haha.

Emilia had ninja camp all week!! I got this mini fawn backpack shortly after I had her. The big one was my diaper bag. I thought she may like it one day. She’s been using it nonstop!

Jordan just had to see his “milia” in camp.

This is some of our tile in the new house! Things are really coming together fast.

Game ball for this boy for a great game.

Popsicles at the game with Cooper!

This was Jordan’s first popsicle situation.

He loved it.

They played in the dirt with these trucks the entire baseball season.

Big kids painting rocks.

Little baby on a wiggle bike!

Emilia loves doing makeup but her skin is so sensitive that we don’t do it super often.

Because this is the art that she loves to make on her face!

I’ve been trying to master a bubble braid on her and geeeez this is hard.

I can’t handle them. And Max looks 16.

Everyone fights over Jordan. Seriously they do.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but I definitely took their picture in the same outfit over and over again.


Cutest birthday cake.

He said this tasted like an “oreo.” Hahaha I cannot.

And that was the week! xo