My favorite little people!

This week we had a ton of rain!

Combined with the bad air quality from the wildfires.

Lots of library time.

This was the day before the AQI got really terrible – and it’s already so hazy. The day after this we could smell the smoke if we stepped outside.

Everyone had dentist appointments!

And we went to the museum with everyone else in the area since we couldn’t be outside.

This is just us getting ready to go explore, no big deal.

New favorite picture!! I need to frame this one.

The kids had a blast!

Emilia is just the best helper. I can’t even explain.

The dinos were a hit.

And these four had so much fun together.


We made festive cookies the next day to have some friends over.

The kids go wild for m&ms.

Max made the allstar team so we have a bit more baseball!

Verrrry excited that the kona ice truck was there.

Little BFFs that play together for hours during the games!

Um but this was a few minutes before we got absolutely drenched in a crazy rain storm.

Seriously! I can’t even tell you how soaked we were. Everything absolutely drenched!!

Jordan’s curls went wild after the rain. He’s also wearing Emilia’s shirt here, haha.


Then we hung out with family today!

Bomb pops for everyone.

And we’re continuing into a mini long weekend now! xo