It was a long holiday week!

Things felt off all week with the 4th of july on a Tuesday. It was weird!

New favorite thing is always taking a “silly” picture. Then we lay together at night and laugh at them.

My favorite girl!

Started the week off with a family target run.

We had a blast.

I bought these s’mores bites there and took them to a party.

Wild baby curls on the loose!

I swear Max isn’t being tortured.

This little baby!!!

Very silly all the time.

Makes me want a hot dog real bad. The best summer movie quote of all time.

Time to swim!

We swam multiple days this week, finally.

He’s huge!

Emilia’s cheeeeeks.

Chimichurri for grilled steak and chicken.

Our favorite burger of the summer.

And ice cream.

Bling bling.

Snacks all day.

We are obsessed with the sweet little peppers made on the grill.

We went and saw the little mermaid!

It was so good but it was long. Jordan was a trooper.

Went to visit our new house!

Sneak peek.

And an evening round of golf for these two.

This week I’m showing you how I make the best 5 minute grilled bruschetta.

Went bowling with friends!


It’s her favorite thing!

My lovebug.

And now we’re into a new week! How is it the middle of July already?!