Another week of summer!

These smiley babes make my life.

Emilia had tennis camp this week!

Um this is a peek of the paint for my powder room. Let’s just say I went a little Lisa Frank on it.

Little trip to the zoo!

Stroller snacks.

Very early morning Emilia cozy in the basement with books.

Pool day!

We all love tennis camp. And all want to take lessons!

I cut so much fruit every week it’s insane.

Park time before the last of tennis.

She’s ready!

He’s a playground connoisseur by now.

We went bowling again so Max could go!

Jordan was the best and loved watching. He thought it was hilarious!

Also ate some chicken fingers.

Max had his last baseball of the season!

It’s also church festival season.

Friday night was HOT!! And so many babies.

We celebrated my niece’s 6th birthday!

Max got a set of golf clubs. He’s been wanting some for about three years, when he first started playing.

And then we chilled a bit!

Eddie made Jordan laugh so hard that we were ALL laughing hysterically. I am obsessed with them all.