We had a regular old summer week!

The kids are obsessed with golf right now. Max and Emilia have spent hours everyday hitting golf balls.

Seriously, this was them outside at 7am!

Also was a good week for the children’s museum!

Everything was their “favorite.” Wonder who they get that from?!

And the art!

Does anyone put better outfits together than Emilia?! She should probably dress me.

I mean we are all just equally obsessed with her.

Riding bikes on a little trail and running some laps.

Hair day.

Quick trip to the mall.

We stopped at panera in the mall for lunch and it was the best experience with all three. I can’t wait to do it again! I feel like I haven’t taken the kids out much since before covid, because then I had Jordan and felt like I couldn’t do a darn thing.

Here’s another peek at our house!! These lockers are the perfect shade of green.

I can’t stop eating these.

Jordan was just laying on the floor like this watching Cars 3. He runs around all day saying “Miss Fritttttter.”

Quickly threw together these cookies and cream chocolate chip cookies and omg they were good.

For a pool day! Also my fresh strawberry margaritas. Recipe from ten million years ago.

Eddie got this wild ice cream chipwich.

And today they boys went to hockey while Emilia and I had a birthday party.

I mean I can’t even take them!! He’s Max’s mini me!