1. HOW on earth are we practically halfway through the year?! HOW?!

2. Prime day stresses me out. I always feel like I should get a good deal on something but it’s so overwhelming. If you’re into looking for the best things, I have my amazon store linked here. It’s not full of random deals, but is full of all of my favorite things, most of which are on sale! Beauty, kids stuff, home, workout, etc.

3. Whoa, I am freaking out over this lemon meringue butter cake!

4. Have you heard of lettuce chips? I think it came from tiktok. It’s lettuce… dipped in dressing. This is 2023.

5. Ummm maybe I would carry a Raos handbag?

6. My barbiecore pink clothing obsession is really over the top right now. This color is my dream!

7. TV things!! I’ve been watching Glamorous on netflix!

8. How do you unload the dishwasher? This is basically how we do it and we’re both very particular about how it’s loaded.

9. I want to play pickleball. It’s my new goal. But I don’t know where to go!