1. Is anyone else afraid to delete screenshots? Like what if I might wander back four years and remember (and really need) that thing I took a screenshot of?

2. S’mores stuffed skillet cookie! I need this.

3. Current favorite snack is plain greek yogurt, peaches and hemp hearts!! The peaches are SO good this year.

4. How to change your life with your thinking.

5. Whoever invented banana bread is a genius. Like taking mashed bananas and flour and sugar, etc. It’s just so good. I made three loaves this weekend.

6. I have been dying for this omelet after watching this episode of The Bear.

7. TV things!! I’ve already watched the episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty maybe three or four times. I love it!

8. Really not sure I could do this watermelon coffee. Have you tried?!

9. I’m not getting new furniture before we move because I want to live in the space first. But I do need a good desk for Max. Any suggestions?!