We had a fun week!

My little sunshine rainbows.

Max had golf camp this week! How is he so old?

Emilia and Jordan got to run around and play during golf camp.

We love the lovevery play sink.

Fun at the park.

Find Emilia!

She is so much fun.

These flowers are… !!!


Where is the time going!

Best time of summer.

Golden hour.

We got family photos taken in a sunflower patch this week!

Can’t get over this blonde hair in the sunshine.


The kids have cross country a few days a week. It’s so fun!

This is how Jordan entertains himself.

Cutest babies!!

We went to the pirate game this weekend.

What a feat to get all three to look at the camera and smile.


It was hot but gorgeous.

Let’s be real, we go for the food.

They have the best soft serve ever.

And that was our week! Now we have our last full week of summer. I’m very sad!